Working Print - Martin Kalanda - Art Director | Goldfish Go-Karts
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Goldfish Go-Karts

Goldfish Go-Karts

The Lowdown

Goldfish Go-Karts is an exciting mobile racing game for various devices. I was the Art Director and Lead Designer for the user interface design, logo design and updated landing page on promoting the game. Developed along side in house artists and a third party game studio Goldfish Go-Karts is a unique and innovative racing experience.


Goldfish Go-Karts


  • Game UI Design

  • Logo Design

  • Web Design

User interface design for an amazing racing mobile game.

We worked with the game developers to flesh out the game play as well as come up with concepts to bring this fun, fast and beautiful game to multiple mobile devices. I had a great time designing the user interface, logo and web site.

Game UI Design along with logo & web assets made this a challenging & fun project.

Lead designer on logo concepts and lock-up designs

Art Director for the Goldfish Go-Karts Game mobile responsive landing page design on




Art Director, Graphic Design, Presentation Design, Responsive Web Design, UI/UX