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Respect The Bun

Respect The Bun

The Lowdown

I am a Digital Art Director at Young & Rubicam and principle designer for the Pepperidge Farm Breads “Respect the Bun” campaign. Pepperidge Farm products include Milano and Nantucket cookies, Goldfish crackers, and varieties of bread. I worked with the Y&R creative team to design the logo, in store printed material, social media post and landing pages.


Pepperidge Farms


  • Art Director
  • Digital Ad Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Responsive Web Design
  • UI/UX

Mobile Responsive Landing/Promo Page for “Respect the Bun”

Design for an in store and social media campaign for Pepperidge Farm Breads “Respect the Bun”

Logo and Lockup design




Art Director, Digital Ad Design, Graphic Design, Responsive Email Design, Responsive Web Design, UI/UX